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Dr. Carmona’s Answers to Questions

Q:  What does Dr. Carmona advise for individuals who live a lifestyle he recommends and who do not use the ‘sick’ care system for their health care needs but will now be forced into health insurance options that are not of a complementary and alternative services nature?

A:  Most insurance plans cover some Complimentary and Alternative Medicine “CAM” services. As far as I know there are no specific insurance companies for CAM only. Therefore, select an insurance provider that provides the most latitude in CAM. The field is still evolving; as more scientific information is generated as to the proven value of certain CAM therapies, more will be covered.

Q:  Any suggestions in getting alternative medicine covered by insurance?

A:  Some “alternative” practices are already covered IF they have been proven to bring added value to patient care.  More research needs to be done to delineate what actually works.  A  good source of  information is the National Institute of Health Center for Complementary and Alternative (CCAM) Medicine.

Q:  Will Tucson Medical Center re-establish a trauma unit?

A:  It is not likely.

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