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Wharton School November 7, 2012: High Powered Women and Supportive Spouses: Who’s in Charge, and of What?

How does a woman climbing the ladder figure out her role at home?

How does she navigate her marriage?

Young men and women today have a greater understanding of the challenges associated with juggling work and family life.

They are becoming better at finding roles that fit their values and give them more freedom in their careers.

Women are pregnant for 40 weeks and then serve as the primary food source for weeks, months or years.

High powered women constantly negotiate the dynamics of marriage to stay on top at work.

With higher income, outsourcing is a possibility, but it doesn’t take the place of being emotionally available to their children.

With power couples careers often ebb and flow which allows the couple to shift parenting responsibilities as things change.

In situations where the mom is the primary breadwinner, the male has little choice not work or substantially scale back his work.

Jealousy and competition can threaten this model, which is why many successful women are single without kids.

Fortunately today younger men have a more balance approach to their value in the home and make greater efforts to cooperate.

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