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Today’s Innovative Woman Magazine June 29, 2012: 9 Powerful Parenting Tips for Working Mothers

Always say you’re sorry, parents make mistakes and the only way for children to learn how to apologize appropriately is from their Mom.

Listening and coaching is better than giving advice.

The simple things make the biggest difference: do simple caring things, it works better than a trip to Disneyland.

Be the unique mom you are: stop comparing yourself to other Moms, celebrate your own individual personality.

Misbehavior is an indication of what is going on inside your child: seek to enter your child’s inner world.

Walk and talk your beliefs: kids notice and imitate you when you say one thing and do another.

Work on yourself before you work on your children: before you interact center and stabilize yourself, discipline yourself, then the kids.

Let natural consequences be your children’s teacher: be patient and let events play themselves out before you try to intervene.

Don’t lose yourself in motherhood: you were a woman with passions and interests before you were a Mom, don’t lose sight of them.

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