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Labor Review Magazine September 2006: The Sandwich Generation: Women Caring for Parents and Children

44% of women 45-55 in 2006 had at least one parent and one child under 21 living with them. A potential upside of having adult and semi-adult children in the household is that they can augment the work load by providing personal care and help with daily activities and household errands.

As life expectancies increase the probabilities that middle-aged people will have living parents, and there is a growing trend that children live farther from their parents. Also, people are having children later in life so children are being cared for by older adults.

20% of women spent at least 100 hours in the previous year caring for parents and 10% spent more than 500 hours

16.6% of women have no children

14.5% of women have 1 child

31.9% of women have 2 children

17.9% have 3 children

9.2% have 4 children

4.6% have 5 children

5.2% have 6 or more children

Financial support to children tends to be higher than financial support to parents.

On average women in the sandwich generation $10,000 and 1,350 hours per year helping children and parents.

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