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15 Female Entrepreneurs to Watch Out For in 2017

Featured in: Inc. Magazine

Each year, attention turns to the entrepreneurs making the biggest impact, whether they’re changing the world or improving the way consumers live and work each day. In 2017, women are emerging as a major force in the business landscape, often leading conferences and mentoring others. These 15 entrepreneurs are at the top of their field, blazing the way for the many generations of female startup founders who are sure to follow.

Kimberli Cheung Wright

As founder and CEO of Trepic, Kimberli Cheung Wright stands to change travel planning forever. Her app helps consumers plan trips by browsing images, with selections customized to each user’s personal preferences.

Kristi Grigsby

STEM was founded out of a need to encourage learning in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Kristi Grigsby’s picture book series is geared specifically toward encouraging young girls to pursue these areas through fun storytelling.

Sabrina Mutukisna

Each day, The Town Kitchen delivers chef-crafted meals to San Francisco Bay-area businesses, but these are no ordinary meals. Sabrina Mutukisna hires low-income youth and trains them to prepare the meals. This hands-on training can help them prepare for successful careers.

Whitney Wolfe

Online dating services struggle to attract female users, but Whitney Wolfe hopes to change all of that. Her app, called Bumble, was created with women in mind, requiring male members to wait for females to make the first move. The result is an app that is earning significant buzz.

Julia Taylor Cheek

Lab testing is an important part of diagnosing and treating patients. Yet most lab tests remain unreadable to the layperson. Through EverlyWell, Julia Taylor Cheek eliminates medical visits from the equation, letting patients provide their own samples and read results online in easy-to-understand language.

Lana Hopkins

The online marketplace is perfect for build-your-own products, and Lana Hopkins has capitalized on the market with Mon Purse. The four-year-old company landed a deal with Bloomingdale’s that has boosted its worth considerably, making Hopkins an entrepreneur to watch.

Amanda Signorelli

Techweek is a multi-day conference, held in multiple cities, that brings tech startups together to network and learn. As Techweek’s CEO, Amanda Signorelli has made diversity a top goal, working hard to ensure more women excel in tech.

Anna Auerbach

Today’s workers seek flexible schedules. With Werk, Anna Auerbach helps women find jobs that advance their careers while still meeting their work-life balance needs.

Natalia Oberti Noguera

Pipeline Angels seeks to change the face of investing by helping women and non-binary entrepreneurs with bootcamps and investment opportunities. Natalia Oberti Noguera has graduated more than 200 people from her investing bootcamp.

Miki Agrawal

Miki Agrawal is redefining feminine hygiene with her leak-proof underwear. She plans to expand her line to include products for women with bladder control issues.

Jewel Burks

Each day, automotive repair shops waste time tracking down part numbers so that they can order replacement items. Jewel Burks’ startup, Partpic, simplifies the process by matching images snapped by users to the exact replacement part.

Tyler Haney

Activewear is a growing field and Tyler Haney is prepared to take the industry by storm. Her Outdoor Voices workout apparel is designed to keep wearers dry and cool while working out. She hopes to grow her apparel brand to the size of a company like Nike.

Marcela Sapone

Small tasks like grocery shopping and laundry can easily become burdensome as homeowners get busy. For a small weekly fee, Marcela Sapone’s Hello Alfred sends a personal assistant who can clean, shop, organize, and handle other errands as requested.

Ida Tin

Approximately ten percent of U.S. women between the ages of 15 and 44 have difficulty conceiving. Ida Tin’s app aims to help. Clue not only lets women track their monthly cycles, but over time it uses built-in machine learning to become more accurate in predicting ovulation.

Amy Chang

Digital personal assistants continue to grow more sophisticated. Amy Chang’s Accompany is a busy professional’s best friend, providing in-depth information on business contacts, company research, and the latest news.

With each year that passes, more women join the ranks of startup founders, bringing technologies and ideas to the consumer and business market. These entrepreneurs pave the way for future generations, often mentoring and inspiring the many other female startup founders who are looking for advice.

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